Community-Based Student Education

Community-Based Student Education (CBSE) is an essential part of the AHEC mission to develop a quality health care workforce in our region.  It is AHEC’s hope that by placing medical and allied health students in underserved areas to complete their clinical rotations, they will get to experience rural life at its best and consequently decide to set up their own practices in these areas.

Here are some specific ways Coastal AHEC facilitates community-based learning experiences:

  • Recruits physicians to serve as community preceptors.
  • Acts as a liaison between the schools’ course coordinators and the preceptors.
  • Schedules students for rotations out in the community.
  • Locates donated student housing. Student housing can be actual homes that are donated to the schools for student use, apartments, mobile homes, bed-and breakfasts, and rooms within a family’s home that they have made available to students.
  • Manages donated housing, including prescreening for safety and cleanliness and maintaining properties in good repair.
  • Visits students and preceptors during rotations to ensure positive learning is occurring.
  • Provides students with site orientations and tours if desired.
  • Provides students with maps, preceptor biosketches, and useful information about the communities they will be studying in.
  • Maintains positive working relationships with preceptors by visiting them in person, keeping them informed of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities, and sending regular handwritten correspondence.
Additional information can be obtained through our CBSE coordinator.  Please contact Matt McDonald at (409) 933-0021, or via email at